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This page is designed for those who are interested in booking Skooch for a concert.

Unfortunately, since the members of Skooch have decided to part ways, the band will not be booking anymore shows past our last show on December 16th, 1999.   If you have questions about a show that is already booked with Skooch and would like more information, feel free to send an email to us.  Otherwise, if you do not have an email account, please call Phil Skooch at (651)-638-6638. 

We are still accountable for all of our actions to the Lord.  Despite the fact that Skooch will soon be no more, we in Skooch still take our show commitments very seriously.  We will still have fun and be responsible as well. Skooch still has work to do for the Lord and we will not quite until then.

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